Yealink T41P-T42G
LCD Screen – Shows information about calls, messages, soft keys, time, date and other relevant data: • Default account • Call information—caller ID, call duration • Icons (for example, ) • Missed call text or second incoming caller information • Prompt text (for example, “Saving config file!”) • Time and date
Line Keys – Use these keys to activate up to twelve accounts and assign various features.
-Mute Key – Toggles and indicates mute feature. -Headset Key – Toggles and indicates the headset mode. -Message Key – Accesses voice mails. -Redial Key – Redials a previously dialed number.
Speakerphone Key – Toggles and indicates the hands-free (speakerphone) mode.
Volume Key – Adjusts the volume of the handset, headset, speaker or ringer.
Keypad – Provides the digits, letters, and special characters in context-sensitive applications.
1 – Scroll through the displayed information. 2 – Confirms actions or answers incoming calls. 3 – Cancels actions or rejects incoming calls.
Soft Keys – Label automatically to identity their context-sensitive features.
Speaker Provides hands-free (speakerphone) audio output.