Pros and cons of Microsoft Operator Connect

It’s no secret that Microsoft Teams has become a significant player in the workplace communication space. Over 90% of Fortune 500 companies are now using Microsoft Teams Phone System, and we expect businesses of all sizes to continue embracing the communications app.   Why has Teams become so dominant? Part of the rapid adoption is its inclusion in Office 365 and […]

Operator Connect vs. Direct Routing

Microsoft Teams is quickly becoming the go-to solution for business communication. Teams unites text, video, and voice communications in one app. It also integrates with other Microsoft apps most businesses already use. Teams has exploded in popularity throughout the business world in the past few years. The app recently reached 270 million monthly active users, […]

How to evaluate an Operator Connect provider

Microsoft Teams has undergone rapid adoption throughout the business world, growing from 2 million monthly users in 2017 to 270 million in early 2022.  Yet, right out of the box, Teams isn’t a complete UCaaS solution as it lacks external calling. At first, the only option for PSTN capabilities was Calling Plan, which required making […]