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Communication tools and technologies designed for small business

G12 knows that small businesses need the best tools, the lowest price, and amazing support available at every hour of the day. While we are constantly pushing to develop the latest technology and features, we’ve kept the small business focus on service and support that’s brought us success from day one. Day or night we’ll be there to walk you through your challenges and make sure that your communication system serves your business and helps you reach every goal you set.

small business
Why G12?

As a privately owned and funded company, we know small business

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    We’ll grow with you

    We’ve built our cloud technologies to scale with you – don’t spend money on features, services, and seats you don’t want or need.

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    Amazing, local support

    Our support staff are all locally-based, so when you call, text, or email, you’ll be speaking to one of us – not an outsourced team.

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    The latest tech

    We pride ourselves on offering the most advanced enterprise-grade features and technology on the market at a small business price.

Communicate smarter

Increase productivity and customer happiness without overcommitting.

  • Business agility

    Seasonal changes and quick growth can easily be scaled as our cloud services instantly adapt to your needs – add and remove users, services, and location with the click of a button.

  • Security and compliance

    Control sensitive data and protect your privacy while enabling staff to access the data and tools when and how they need it. Maintain complete oversight so you’re always in control.

  • Office mobility

    Cloud services, phone numbers, and business tools follow your staff and faculty no matter where they go with G12 Mobility – an application for iOS, Android, and Mac/PC.

  • Local service

    Our local support team is here whenever you need assistance. Give us a call, send a text, or open a ticket online and a real person will always be there to help you.

Stop wasting time and money on technology. Let’s get started


Move to the cloud in 3 simple steps

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    Request a Quote

    Get in-touch with our sales and engineering team to discover the perfect setup and toolbox for your small business – no cost or obligation.

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    Migrate services

    We’ll do most of the work of migrating numbers, equipment, and services to the cloud. For everything else, we’ll walk you through the process step-by-step.

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    Customize and implement

    With easy to use tools and dashboards, your administrators and faculty will be up and running in matter of days.


Small business experts

G12 has deep knowledge and experience solving communication challenges for small businesses across the nation. We know how to deploy cloud communication technologies to boost your bottom-line and expand your reach.


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