Installation and Setup


Your new phone will come preconfigured with G12 Hosted Services. To install the phone, complete the following steps:

  1. Remove the phone from the box and follow the enclosed instruction manual to install the stand and headset.
  2. Power up the phone by plugging it into a power outlet
  3. Plug the Ethernet cable supplied in the box directly into your network (Internet) connection. The phone can also share a network (Internet) connection with other devices such as your PC. If you have only a single network (Internet) connection and need to share the port, connect your phone (via LAN port on phone) directly into the network (Internet) connection and connect the device (PC) into the PC port on your phone.
  4. Once the phone is connected to the network and powered up, it will automatically begin a process of establishing itself on the network. If for any reason the phone does not power up or establish itself on the network, please check the configuration again. Remember, the phone needs power and an Internet connection.
  5. After about five minutes the phone’s LCD screen should display a date and time and the phone should have dial tone. This means that the phone is configured properly and connected to the G12 Hosted VoIP Platform.
G12 Communications
Installation and Setup


To access your voicemail, press the message button on your phone or enter 5001. (If you have not yet set up your voicemall, the first time you access it the system will walk you through the setup steps so that you can personalize your service.)

  1. You will be asked to enter the system-assigned password that was included in your welcome email. Then you will simply follow the voice prompts to finish personalization. (Before you do, however we recommend that you change your password by selecting #5, Set current options, and then #1, Change password.)
  2. Personalize your greeting, by selecting #6 (greetings menu) and then #1 (record new greeting). Once you have set up your greeting, your voicemail is operational.
G12 Auto Response

User Portal

To access your user portal, click Customer Login on the G12 website ( ) this will take you to your G12 user portal (which we recommend that you bookmark or set as a favorite on your web browser). Once you have accessed the user portal you will be asked for your username and password, both of which you will find included in your welcome email and user-configuration document.