IP-PBX SIP Trunking from G12 – Maximize The Investment

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With SIP Trunking from G12 you can route your voice calls to your IP-PBX over your existing internet connection. This can help reduce cost, increase productivity, simplify support and operations and boost voice options for operation, marketing, sales and support functions. You can enjoy the benefits of VoIP using the IP-PBX investment you’ve already made. Because our SIP Trunks ride over your existing IP connections, synergies are realized day one.

G12 SIP Trunking is ideal for companies of all sizes ranging from small offices, to multi-site retail organization or large campus based companies alike. Nearly every business that has invested in an IP-PBX is a candidate for SIP Trunking. Use G12 SIP Trunks to deliver all your voice needs, toll free, international long distance, virtual numbers, international phone numbers all delivered right to your IP-PBX.

A SIP Trunking solution from G12 Communications delivers robust voice solutions originated from the PSTN, across your existing IP infrastructure, right to your IP-PBX, serving businesses with the most demanding voice applications with reliable service and creative options.


Reduce Cost – By eliminating the need to buy separate voice and
data circuits, eliminate long distance, combine multiple locations into a
single SIP Trunk.

Global Coverage – With G12 SIP Trunking, you have the ability to
access numbers globally to suit your business needs. Experience has
shown us that business can take advantage of local numbers in multiple
markets to drive marketing, local number presence and local sales.

Free Long Distance – Long distance charges are a thing of the past.
With G12 SIP Trunks both local and long distance charges are included
in the simple per trunk fee. There is no long distance usage to worry
about. You get the same consistent bill monthly for easy budgeting.

Standard Features:

Simple Pricing – SIP Trunking is easy to budget
with G12, simple pricing means per trunk cost
is the same and scales down as your capacity
needs scale up.

Redundant Routing – G12 builds each SIP Trunk
with on-site redundancy in mind. Delivering your
calls to multiple IP’s or Multiple IP providers the
deployment options are endless.

Free Long Distance – Domestic US and Canada
calling doesn’t cost our users a penny. All US
and Canada traffic is free and built into the price
of your SIP Trunk.

Local Direct Inward Dialing Numbers – DID’s
are available nationwide and around the globe.
G12 can support the needs of your business
around the world and down a single IP connection.

Online Management – Our online portal allows
customers to keep a clean inventory and route
numbers as needed to other numbers or on time
frames as needed. In addition, G12 SIP Trunking
includes, Operator Services, E911, Directory
Assistance, and caller name services.

Scalability – Sometimes we can’t predict growth needs and often voice
service is overlooked. G12 SIP Trunking scales from 5-1000 trunks in
minutes. Bursting to your capacity needs is never an issue.

Redundancy – G12 is the only carrier who builds redundancy into each
deployment. With dynamic failover, our customers could have calls reach
their IP-PBX with two separate IP providers or two separate Gateways for
their IP-PBX building in redundancy as if your gear was in a data center.

IP Agnostic – IP is ubiquitous and networks today are far more advanced
than years ago. SIP Trunking has been successfully deployed on nearly
every major IP network. So G12 doesn’t insist on selling you a new IP
infrastructure. Yours will work just great!

Compatibility – Interoperability with many leading PBX’s and growing
with partner and customer requests all the time. An example is our recent certification.

Let G12 help you design and deploy an Enterprise Grade SIP Trunking solution that reduces your telecom cost using an existing IP infrastructure with global coverage and competitive pricing.

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