Local Number Transfer

Number Transfer Request
The main billing telephone number listed on your existing service provider's account
Transferring existing numbers is defined and regulated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). We make every effort to transfer your number to G12 in a timely manner.

Requested Due Date

Please do not choose a Federal Holiday, the order will be rejected from your losing carrier. Processing times vary by order complexity and size. The actual transfer date may be later than requested and usually needs to be made at least 7-10 days in advance.

Account Confirmation

For security purposes, your local telephone provider (the current phone company that owns the number you're transferring) requires you to: 1 - Enter all the information EXACTLY as your current phone company has it on file. It may require you to contact your current provider. 2 - Provide the physical service address of the phone number. Do not enter billing addresses or P.O. boxes.
Name with existing carrier who has authorization to change services
Full company name as listed on your bill.
Street name, number, and unit (if applicable) exactly as it appears on existing billing
Enter a number where we can call you if there is a problem with the port request.
This is the Caller ID information that recipients will see when accepting calls from your company (15 characters max)