Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams

Collaboration Meets Communication

Make Microsoft Teams the true center of your organization with on-demand voice calling through G12’s Operator Connect service.

One Pane of Glass, for Provisioning

Easily manage, view, and control all aspects of the provisioning process through a single centralized dashboard.

All the Functionality, None of the Complexity

Replace inefficient, multi-step onboarding and provisioning with a streamlined, intuitive workflow guided by the G12 support team.

Turn Microsoft Teams Into Your Phone Solution

Configure your Teams environment to make and receive phone calls in minutes using a world-class, infinitely scalable network.


Direct Routing Meets Cloud Computing with G12

Operator Connect leverages the cloud to incorporate full PSTN connectivity into your Microsoft Teams deployment. It's incredibly simple to manage, with an intuitive admin console that allows you to control everything from providers and numbers to capacity, analytics, and integration — without the need for complex hardware or software requirements of alternatives like direct routing.


Automation and direct peering enables seamless integration and improved performance.


Do everything from the Teams Admin Center — no need to struggle with Powershell or multiple third-party portals.


G12's Shared Service Level Agreement clearly defines expectations for all parties with the promise of superior, uninterrupted connectivity.


Scale Your Voice Solution at YOUR Pace

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How to Migrate to Operator Connect

Setup a Meeting
Meet with an expert to ensure you have the proper licensing in place and help you to prepare your Microsoft Teams Tenant for Calling.
Once we can ensure that proper licensing is in place, we can quickly activate your numbers and users to start making phone calls.
Enhance your user collaboration and enable new users in minutes. See how easy it is to manage your global communication infrastructure with G12.

The Next Generation of Voice Calling in Teams

Benefits of G12 Operator Connect

Support For Multiple Carriers

Bring your own carrier as you add PSTN-connected calling directly into Microsoft Teams.

Built For Reliability And Survivability

Guarantee service availability with geo-redundant voice backed by multiple POPs and a 99.999% uptime.

Secure Communication Channel

Keep your communications safe and secure with advanced TLS and SRTP encryption.

Simple To Manage And Understand

Integrate a simple, yet powerful voice solution that's easy to manage and understand.


Scale-up whenever you need additional capacity directly through the Operator Connect dashboard.

Dynamic E911

Ensure your Microsoft Teams deployment is fully compliant with current E911 regulations.

Why Operator Connect from G12

G12 is a national leader in creating cloud communications services

G12 Communications is the go-to partner for companies looking for ultra-reliable services, high-quality customer service, and a partner that's focused on delivering the best solutions possible.

As a partner to companies in healthcare, government, financial services, retail, and other large industries — we understand how important seamless voice is to your organization.

  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • 99.999% Network Uptime
  • Decades of B2B Experience
  • 5-Star Customer Satisfaction


Embrace the Future of Voice Calling
in Microsoft Teams with Operator Connect

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G12 Operator Connect

Frequently Asked Questions

G12 Communications has the experience to know precisely what you need, and the expertise to design, implement, and deploy it. As a trusted cloud communications partner, we’ll go the extra mile to help you overcome your greatest challenges, whatever those may be.

You do — provisioning for all required configurations can be accessed and controlled entirely within our solution.

Yes. Our Operator Connect solution is E911 compliant.

We can spin up a proof of concept for a customer in less than an hour. From there, the ball’s in your court. You can proceed from POC to full production at any scale however quickly you desire.

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