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SIP Trunking: Transitioning from PSTN

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The era of the PSTN is finally coming to a close.

From analog to ISDN BRI to t1 and PRI, shifts in technology are quickly moving telephony inefficiencies away from PSTN lines to modern integration with IP.

While G12 and other premium providers of PBX and Trunking services began the transition towards SIP trunks (Session Initiation Protocol) some time ago, recent moves by leading telecom companies like Verizon have increased the pace by completely canceling basic ISDN services – forcing customers to adopt new technologies almost overnight. Major telecom companies across the world are following suite, with major providers in the UK and Germany making plans to cut ISDN services by 2017. As these traditional lines are cut, modern communications companies like G12 —with more than a decade of experience transitioning companies to SIP Trunking—are picking up the pace with better integration to enhanced PBX software and continuous releases of new capabilities and features.

While the transition may come as a shock to companies who have used traditional communication lines for decades, the efficiency and improvements that companies experience when switching to SIP Trunks can hardly be questioned. In other words, the time to switch your network over to SIP Trunking is finally here.

How does SIP work and What Benefits Does it Provide Over Traditional PSTN Trunks

Unlike PSTN, SIP trunks are telephone line trunks delivered over IP using SIP protocol. When used with next generation software-based PBX phone systems (such as those provided by 3CX) along with an Enterprise-grade VoIP communications platforms (such as those provided by G12), businesses both large and small can gain access to premium features unavailable to most PSTNs at a fraction of the cost and effort. Partnerships between companies like G12 and 3CX provide an integrated service that enhances both the productivity of your workforce and the experiences of your customers.

These benefits of transitioning to SIP Trunking include:

Leverage a Modern IP PBX – SIP Trunking allows you to take full advantage of modern IP PBX/Unified Communications platforms like G12. Through a seamless integration, you’ll benefit from increased productivity, better mobility and increased sales.
Flexibility – Instantly add channels to your SIP Trunk to increase your capabilities without dealing with the hassle of physical upgrades and installations. Now your communication capabilities can grow with you.
No VoIP Gateways– With SIP Trunking over IP lines, there’s no need to buy or manage VoIP Gateways or convert communications, which results in better quality at less expense.
Low line and DID rental costs – Add more lines and DIDs for less.
Reduced call charges – As technologies improve and investments continue to increase, the average cost per call has plummeted.
An improved customer experience – Transition your numbers from your PBX to your SIP trunk to save money, provide customers more options and improve the accuracy of call routing. With more resources and better contact options, you’ll have more time and money available for each customer.
Freedom of location – Since SIP trunks aren’t bound to a location, you can easily move offices without spending the time and money to divert lines, inform customers, or change office documents. In emergencies, SIP makes transitioning offices just a click or phone call away
Channel flexibility – SIP trunks allow you to manage the exact number of lines you need, instead of paying for large packages of lines that you don’t need with traditional ISDN/TI.

Finding the Right SIP Trunk provider for your business

When selecting the best SIP trunk provider for you needs, there are several factors that should be considered.

Network Ownerships – Does the SIP trunk provider manage their own network or is it a rebranded, white label service? When providers don’t own the networks they use, they lack the control over future changes and how it’s used. If you’re planning on using a provider for more than a year or two, don’t take the risk.
• Security – Call fraud is a growing issue all around the globe. To protect against unauthorized use, your SIP Trunking provider needs to have a well-secured network and safeguards in place to monitor and stop fraud.
Number Porting – Do you need to port existing numbers? Make sure that you choose a provider that has this capability, as many providers in this space do not offer this to their new customers.

Need to Upgrade your Internet?

An important consideration for companies transitioning to SIP trunking systems, is your internet bandwidth and connectivity. To ensure the quality of your VoIP calls, most businesses should consider upgrading to a dedicated internet line for SIP trunking services. This will ensure reliability and enough bandwidth to handle the large amounts of traffic and simultaneous calls.

Get Rid of Your Outdated PBX – Upgrade your entire system to an IP PBX

While traditional PBXs can be connected to SIP Trunks through a gateway, the inflexibility, management difficulties, and expense make it a poor choice for most businesses.

As one of the leading SIP trunk providers in the United States, G12 Communications has the modern technology, flexibility, and competitive prices you need to customize an exact solution for your business needs. Our dedicated sales and engineering staff is available at any time for a free consultation when you’re ready to learn more. No pressure, no gimmicks, just everything you need to run your business with more efficiency and lower costs.

Take things a step further by integrating your G12 SIP TRUNKs with the next generation PBX Phone System like 3CX, Mitel, Shoretel or Lync and you’ll experience a productivity boost that will launch your business into the future.

Want to learn more? Check out G12’s series of blog posts and white papers covering the entire spectrum of SIP trunking and unified communications needs. With comprehensive live support and a library of related documents, you have everything you need to figure out exactly what your business can achieve.

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