G12 Mobility

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Turn any device into a full-featured business phone

With G12 Mobility there’s no need to carry two phones or a dedicated business device. Using your Android or iOS smartphone, you’ll be able to make and receive calls, texts, and faxes (fax to email) using your business number. Easily switch to your personal number at the end of the day and completely customize the experience to your liking. You can also download our apps for Mac/PC to turn your laptop or desktop into a soft-phone.

Years experience


Years experience
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Certified integrations
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End user satisfaction
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Global reach
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Our Mobility App transforms personal devices into full-featured business phones. Let’s get started

G12 Mobility Features

Advanced business capabilities on any device

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    One Number, Many Devices

    G12 Mobility enables you to answer calls on multiple devices – use your business desk phone while you’re at the office and answer using your mobile device while you’re away.

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    Native Apps

    Each app was designed and built specifically for your device to minimize bugs and ensure that your calls are always crystal clear.

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    Video Conferencing

    Join any business conferencing using your phone’s front-facing camera so you can participate no matter where you are.

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    Oversight & Control

    Manage your employees with complete oversight of their daily activities and use of their mobile devices no matter where they are.

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    HD Quality Voice

    Get the same call quality and utilize many of the same business features as our advanced office desktop phones.

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    Business Anywhere

    Removing location requirements for your employees to make and take business calls/texts means that they can get more done each day.


G12 Mobility provides a unique range of benefits

  • Control Costs

    Reduce the number of devices your business needs to purchase and maintain with apps that can be installed on personal devices.

  • No Location Limitations

    Expand the reach of your business anywhere there’s cell service or WiFi for virtually limitless accessibility – the ultimate remote office.

  • Instantly Scale

    Add more seats to your organization with the click of a button to seamlessly integrate new members or even new offices.

  • Boost Productivity

    Keep your employees connected and working in any location – from airports, foreign countries, or the home office – while maintaining complete oversight.

  • Recruit Anywhere

    G12 Mobility is the office in your pocket – meaning you can recruit the best talent no matter where they’re located or want to work.

Stop wasting time and money on technology. Let’s get started

I appreciate the working relationship I have with G12. I find all of your staff to be very responsive to any request I submit or questions I may have.
Lisa T., Business Owner
Why G12?

Here are 4 reasons why you should choose us

  • People

    We take immense pride in our team – from engineering to customer support, we hire the best talent we can find

  • Customer services

    We strive to provide an amazing customer service experience and take pride in our 100% local support team

  • Technology

    Our engineering team works magic – supplying you with the latest cutting-edge technologies and innovations

  • Quality

    We are committed to deliver outstanding communication services that add real value to your business.

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