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When is a cloud phone system best / Comparing cloud phones to an on-premise PBX

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Should you switch your phone system to the Cloud?

While the cloud might not be the right choice for everyone, small and large businesses alike are quickly realizing the benefits of deploying cloud-based phone communication systems to streamline communication for both customers and employees.

The quick setup, predictable pricing, and most importantly, the unsurpassed flexibility mean that even small companies can now have all the enterprise-grade tools that have been traditionally too expensive to install and maintain in years past. Costs aside, the ease of use and constant dependability of cloud systems means that you can spend less time worrying about keeping your communication lines open, and more time focused on your business success and meeting your goals.

Using the power of the cloud to scale your entire infrastructure, companies like G12 can match the growing needs of virtually any size of company without the interruptions and difficulties inherent in serving thousands of users at once. Plus, without the need for in-house development and maintenance teams, even the fastest growing companies never have to worry about buying new servers or upgrading their software to meet growing demand – G12 Hosted PBX infrastructure automatically grows with you.

So when should you switch your communication to the Cloud?

From increased functionality, turnkey launch capabilities, solid Polycom devices, smartphone apps, easy management through internet browsers, lower costs, and better productivity, the benefits of switching your communications to an all-inclusive Hosted PBX solution have never been greater.

Since scalability is built into cloud systems, you’ll never be stuck paying for loads of features and provisioning that you don’t need or use. With the flexibility and premium features that the G12 Hosted PBX system can provide, there’s really no reason to wait. Small businesses will save huge amounts of money and gain access to enterprise features, while large, quickly growing businesses will gain the advantage of having a hands-off system that matches their increasing needs as they grow.

It’s both lighter on your wallet and better for your business and peace of mind.

So whether your priority is saving money, time or making it easier for your team to access and manage their communications, the G12 all-inclusive platform provides businesses of virtually any size with enterprise-grade communication services to meet and exceed your every demand.

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