Earpiece – Outputs audio during the earpiece call.
LCD Screen – Shows call information, handset status icons, prompt messages and so on.
Soft Keys – Label automatically to identity their context-sensitive features.
Speakerphone Key – Switches between the earpiece and speaker phone modes. Answers an incoming call.
Headset Connector – Connects a headset.
Off-hook Key – Answers an incoming call. Enters into the redial call list. Places a call
Keypad – Provides the digits, letters, and special characters incontext-sensitive applications.
Redirect Key – Transfers a call to another party.
Microphone – Picks up audio during earpiece and hands-free calls
Mute Key – Toggles Mute feature on or off.
On-hook Key/Power key – Long presses in the menu mode to return to the idle screen. Long presses to turn the handset on or off when the handset is idle. Cancels actions or ends a call. Rejects an incoming call.
Message Key – Indicates a new receiving voice mail or a missed call. Accesses the voice mail or the missed call list.
Scroll through the displaying information. Move the cursor. Adjust the ringer volume. Act as shortcuts