Advanced SIP Trunking

Upgrade Your Existing System

Through its ability to use existing high-speed data connections for voice communications worldwide, cloud-based G12 SIP Trunking helps organizations minimize the cost of implementing a new IP-based communications system or maximize the value of an older system when a SIP PRI is configured. As a leading SIP Trunking provider, G12’s SIP Trunking solution delivers an array of features that help to keep on-going communications costs low and call quality, reliability, and security high.

G12 Sip Trunking
G12 Advanced SIP Trunking
Support for the G711U codec and other innovative technologies for monitoring, analyzing, and responding to the continual changes that occur on an IP network

· PBX integration for leveraging an existing PBX investment with the addition of SIP trunks as needed; requires no dedicated T1 or MPLS data link, simply an Internet connection

· Fully encrypted signaling and media channels for routing communications securely over existing corporate Internet and data connections

· Disaster Recovery Routing with Dynamic Failover for supporting multiple IP circuits and presetting failover routes for DID or toll-free numbers, critical for call centers as well as single-site and multisite implementations

· Support for 911 and E911 calling where available, multisite and remote-site E911

G12 Advanced SIP Trunking is also flexible. It interoperates transparently with Microsoft Lync, Avaya, Mitel, Cisco, ShoreTel, Panasonic, and other major unified-communications platforms and systems. Its global DID footprint supports seamless interconnection among single-site, multisite domestic, and global organizations. In addition, its phone-number inventory in 45 countries and support for the import of numbers from existing carriers helps organizations to consolidate their telecom infrastructure for major efficiencies and savings.


G12 Communications

Prevent Outages with 99.999% Uptime

Like other G12 services, G12 SIP Trunking is built on an active Geo-Redundant network and includes Dynamic Failover. Active-active Geo-Redundancy allows G12 SIP Trunking customers to have access to two different POP locations. Dynamic Failover automatically detects any given outage and provides failover to a second data connection without the need for user or administrator intervention. Together, these features help to ensure reliability and uptime of 99.999 percent or greater.

G12 Advanced SIP Trunking is offered at a fixed monthly rate, per trunk for organizations based in the U.S. or Canada, that includes unlimited domestic long distance throughout both countries; for coverage specifics in other locations, contact G12 Sales at 1-877-311-8750 option 1.