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Feature-Rich Cloud Voice

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Feature-Rich Cloud Voice

Our VoIP & Cloud Voice capabilities

Enterprise SMS

Text-enable your business with scalable Enterprise SMS and MMS. Enterprise SMS and MMS functionality modernizes the way your teams communicate, enabling flexible and secure communications from anywhere.

Cloud Faxing

Send and receive digital faxes with seamless Cloud Faxing. With cloud faxing, employees can send and receive faxes from anywhere.

Cloud PBX

Take advantage of enterprise-grade capabilities regardless of your business’s size. Cloud PBX solutions give you infinitely scalable voice services and powerful functionality without the need to manage your own in-house infrastructure.

SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking modernizes your communications by letting your company’s PBX send and receive calls using an IP network. Improve the quality of your communications network by adopting a service that’s designed to be more reliable than PRI’s.

Call Queues

Agents won’t always be available for an incoming call. What happens if everyone’s busy? Without a call queuing service, your business is dependent on voicemails. Answer customers’ calls the first time by having them wait in a Call Queue.

Call Blocking

Unwanted calls consumer agents’ time and network resources and represents a significant source of waste. Call Blocking services allow your company to prevent spammers, telemarketers, and robocalls from reaching agents.

Conference Calls

Keep your team connected with easily-accessible high-definition Conference Call services. Conference call platforms provide a dedicated number that anyone can call to join the conference call from any device with phone capabilities.

Call Recording

Never wonder what is said on a company call again with Call Recording services. Enforce quality assurance policies, document verbal agreements, and maintain third-party compliance with company-wide call recording services.

Phone Extensions

Phone Extensions are short numbers that are assigned to a specific employee, department, or team. Employees only need to dial the short extension to reach a coworker, while clients can immediately connect to the right person.

Three Way Calling

Employees should be able to add new participants to any call without having to disconnect. Three Way Calling allows everyone in your organization to effortlessly add new people to existing calls, avoiding the interruption of hanging up to start group calls.

HIPAA Compliant VOIP

Utilize the benefits of a VOIP service for your healthcare practice without compromising patient confidentiality. HIPAA Compliant VOIP services adheres to the strict federal regulatory standards of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Call Flip

Being on the go often means that your important calls have to go with you. Call Flip allows you to keep an active call going when switching to or from a desk phone, mobile phone, or computer.

Screen Pop

When a customer calls your company, it’s imperative that your live agents have all the necessary information on the caller to deliver an exceptional experience. A Screen Pop is a pop-up that displays relevant customer data every time that a live agent accepts an inbound call.


Equip your company with enterprise-grade communication without the equipment. Each incoming and outgoing call is passed through a virtual Switchboard that allows you to easily make and manage your company’s calls using scalable internet-based VoIP technology.

Caller ID

Everyone in your organization needs to know who’s calling before they answer the phone. Identifying the caller with Caller ID ensures that everyone is greeted appropriately and that employees do not waste time on unwanted calls.

Voicemail to Text

Employees can’t always answer every call, but they should never miss a voicemail. Voicemail to Text uses advanced speech recognition AI to transcribe voicemails to text. Now, employees can quickly discover the reason behind the call without needing to listen to the message.

Phone Number Porting

Business phone numbers are vital to business operations. Clients, customers, and vendors depend on these numbers to reach the right employees within your organization. Never lose these important phone numbers when changing service providers with Phone Number Porting.

Call Masking

Protect the privacy of every employee with Call Masking. Every call made from a masked line will show a predetermined number, typically the business’s public-facing number. Never reveal employees’ direct numbers or extensions with call masking.

Auto Attendant Phone Systems

Never miss a call with Auto Attendant Phone Systems designed to efficiently route incoming calls to the correct department or agency. Improve customer satisfaction by quickly transferring calls to the right place.

Predictive Dialer

A Predictive Dialer calls multiple numbers simultaneously, only connecting those who answer to an agent. G12 Communication’s predictive dialer was developed to help connect you to as many people as possible while optimizing the agent’s productivity.

Call Management System

Take your Call Management System beyond merely routing calls and put it to work improving business goals. Increase productivity, enhance customer service, and improve performance monitoring all with one system.

Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding services allow companies to direct calls to the right place so that a customer’s contact attempt never fails. Don’t let customers call your competition because they went to voicemail. Empower every employee with call forwarding.

Hosted PBX System

Operating an in-house Hosted PBX System requires a significant upfront expense, a dedicated team to maintain it, and upgrades as the company grows. The costs quickly add up. Save money and scale faster with hosted PBX.

Web Phone

Experience all of the features you need on every platform. Communicate with clients and coworkers whether you’re at your desk or out of the office with Web Phone. Seamlessly switch from voice to video to accommodate the needs of the conversation.

Call Pop

Always know who’s calling your company before you even pick up the phone. Call Pop provides your live agents with detailed information on each caller to gain a better understanding of your customers needs and improve service.

Call Analytics

It isn’t possible for every live agent to record important data from each of their calls. Call Analytics automatically captures and analyzes data points from inbound and outbound calls. The data is then displayed for your company to use for creating and improving call services.

Call Parking

The last thing that your company wants to do is lose a valuable caller on hold to the sound of a busy signal, endless ringing or a voicemail. With Call Parking, callers on hold are placed into a virtual parking lot where the parked call can be answered by any of your live agents as soon as they become available.

Hold Music

Ensure every caller on hold is entertained with Hold Music and informed with announcements. Each caller on hold will hear music and announcements pre-set by you that can be easily changed at any time. Never lose an important call to a silent line or an unpleasant beeping sound with hold music.

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