SMS TEXTING FOR Microsoft Teams

Communicate with your customers over their preferred device and channel, mobile SMS

Empower your team with a native mobile texting experience, eliminate outside platforms. Send and receive SMS directly from your Microsoft Teams applications. Easily and instantly connect with all your contacts, including those in Microsoft 365.

Native teams integration

Send texts directly in Microsoft Teams via desktop app, mobile app, or web-interface.

Omnichannel engagement

Host meetings, chat internally, make calls, and send texts all directly from Microsoft Teams.

Person-to-person texting

Empower your staff to communicate directly with the outside world on any mobile device via SMS.

Single point
of contact

Enable your existing phone number for both text and voice so your customers can reach you the way they want.

You’re more likely to engage your customers via Text

Your business already works in Teams for internal collaboration and chat, external meetings, calendar appointments, phone calls, file sharing, and more. Bring the power of texting to Teams and improve your ability to communicate with your customers via their preferred device and channel.

Call or text any mobile device from a single number directly from your Teams application.

Host meetings, chat with employees, make phone calls, and text customers, employees, partners, or vendors from a single pane.

Maximize your reach and impact with two-way SMS texting – the most popular messaging format that works on every mobile device.

Improve external communication to sales, customer service, and other customer-facing teams with two-way messaging over shared or individual numbers.


Seamless communication from Microsoft Teams to any mobile device via SMS

Select your plan

Provide (or request) a number to be text enabled

Connect the app in Teams

Send and receive messages

Microsoft Teams SMS Core Features


Easily reach clients, coworkers, vendors, and customers wherever the happen to be.

Benefits of G12 Teams Texting

Lead your industry

Less than 15% of businesses let consumers respond to SMS. Be a texting communication leader and stand out among competitors.

Streamline communications

Make Teams your omnichannel application and keep all internal and external communication in one place.

Improve engagement

Texting is the fastest, most popular form of communication. Keep the conversation going via SMS.

Grow customer relationships

Speed up response times and provide top quality support by empowering your staff with SMS via Teams.

Keep things simple

Texting is basically inherent to most people, regardless of age, background, or technological prowess.

Increase speed

Faster than phone calls. Better open rates than email. A more efficient way to communicate.

Why G12 Communications

G12 Communications is a cloud communication service provider that helps businesses drive more value out of their communications solutions. Our customer-first approach, feature-rich solutions, and ultra-reliable network keep your employees and customers connected, productive, and collaborative.


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