G12 Connect to Teams | Direct Routing

Turn Microsoft Teams into your complete business calling solution

Direct routing for Microsoft Teams turns an industry-leading collaboration solution into a full-fledged business phone system that can leverage the public switched telephone network (PSTN). Cut costs, enhance call quality, and stay competitive with G12’s direct routing solution.

Cut costs, enhance call quality, and stay competitive with G12’s direct routing solution.

Work from any location with a customized unified communications system

The global transition to remote work has left IT departments struggling to keep up. Do you have the right systems in place to unify your communications? Initiate, receive, and transfer calls to and from landlines without ever leaving the Teams interface.

Direct routing lets your business make the most of Teams by connecting your internal communications tool to the PSTN.

Keep communications flowing with direct routing for Microsoft Teams

Office phone functionality

Turn your Microsoft Teams solution into a dedicated business phone, complete with local and international calling, quick number porting, and access to the PSTN network.

Unlimited domestic calling

Enjoy unlimited outbound and inbound calls within the U.S. and Canada. Make international calls with confidence using our cost-effective international calling plans.

Flexible calling plans

Microsoft Calling Plans are pre-packaged and offer little room for negotiation. Partnering with G12 lets you customize your communications based on your business’s specific needs.

Reduced calling costs

Keep your teams in sync while steering clear of expensive and inflexible Microsoft Calling Plans. Our transparent pricing model lets you access per-user or per-session pricing.

Customer support

Do you have limited in-house expertise? Get the help you need when you need it. Take control of your communications with access to our 24/7 technical support team.

Simplified user management

Add, manage, and port numbers with ease. Seamlessly migrate users from your legacy PBX individually or in groups. Our trained technicians help you connect to the PSTN with ease.

Global phone number coverage

Save 40% or more over MS calling plans

Experienced telecom support

Option to purchase per-user or per-session

Why choose G12 Communications?

G12 Communications is a cloud communication service provider that helps businesses drive more value out of their communications solutions. Our customer-first approach, feature-rich solutions, and ultra-reliable network keep your employees and customers connected, productive, and collaborative.

Local customer service

Access 24/7, US-based customer support

Reliable service

99.999% uptime for our networks

Communications expertise

Decades of experience in B2B communications


Are you ready to create a unified communications
experience in Microsoft Teams?​

G12’s Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams turns an industry-leading UCaaS solution into a powerful business phone system.

Connect to Teams | Direct Routing

Frequently asked questions

Are you interested in G12 Communications Connect to Teams Direct Routing solution? We put together this list of frequently asked questions to help you learn more about this service.

Still have more questions? Download our FAQ to learn more.

Direct Routing is a service that allows you to connect Microsoft Teams to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). Connecting to the PSTN via Direct Routing allows you to use Microsoft Teams as your phone system to make and receive both domestic and international calls.

No. Microsoft also offers a Calling Plan option to connect Microsoft Teams to the PSTN. The Microsoft Calling Plan option is more expensive and does not provide the same flexibility as Direct Routing.

Connecting Microsoft Teams to the PSTN lets you transition off your existing phone system. This unlocks the full potential of Microsoft Teams, giving you a robust UCaaS solution that can also make phone calls via the PSTN. Businesses looking for an all-in-one solution that can also make calls will enjoy the flexibility and usability Connect to Teams Direct Routing offers.

No. Microsoft Teams is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, desktops and laptops, and any device with an Internet connection. There are Microsoft certified desktop phones that can be utilized with Microsoft Teams if you want to use desktop phones.

No. Direct Routing allows you to use Microsoft Teams as your phone system. Microsoft Teams includes PBX functionality and will serve as a replacement for your current phone system when you connect it with Direct Routing.