Cloud Fax Solutions

Digital cloud faxing solution built for modern business

Why wait to send a fax? With G12 cloud faxing, you can send faxes whenever you need to from anywhere in seconds — with all the benefits of sending a traditional fax.

HIPAA-compliant fax solution

Fax to mail integration options

Reliable faxing made easy

How does cloud faxing work?

Improve customer interactions

G12 Communications CCaaS ties in customer interactions, knowledge, and processes to create a unified experience for your customers.

Compose your fax

Use the subject line and email body as your cover sheet. Attach your fax documents.

Hit send

Your fax will be delivered to your recipient’s machine. It’s that simple.

Send and receive faxes by email, wherever you are

Don’t wait to send a fax. Cloud faxing lets you send faxes whenever you need to from anywhere—in just seconds. Our cloud fax solution makes sending faxes as simple as sending an email.

Quickly send faxes in PDF format to anyone in your organization. All faxes are rerouted to your email, making them more visible and accessible than ever.

Modernize the way your company sends faxes

Enhanced document visibility

Maintain complete control and visibility over essential documents. Cloud faxing guarantees that any fax you send is safe and always accessible through your email platform.

Save money on every fax

Eliminate the cost of a fax machine entirely. Spend less on paper, fax machine service calls, and more time focusing on core business activities like growing your business.

Send faxes from anywhere

Send and receive faxes from any location using your desktop, tablet, smartphone, or fax machine. Stay connected and share important documents from anywhere.

Improve team productivity

Avoid lineups and error messages with a modernized approach to faxing. Cloud-based electronic faxes enhance your productivity, save time, and reduce your costs.

Unlimited scalability

Effortlessly scale to meet higher demand without the need to purchase boxes of paper, toner, and new fax machines. Our digital faxing solution is built for modern businesses.

Ongoing support

Get the support you need, when you need it. We offer 24/7, US-based help desk support, as well as access to our expertise in a range of cloud communication services.

Why choose G12 Communications?

G12 Communications is a cloud communication service provider that helps businesses drive more value out of their communications solutions. Our customer-first approach, feature-rich solutions, and ultra-reliable network keep your employees and customers connected, productive, and collaborative.

Local customer service

Access 24/7, US-based customer support

Reliable service

99.999% uptime for our networks

Communications expertise

Decades of experience in B2B communications


Are you ready to transform the way your business sends faxes?

G12 Cloud Faxing is a powerful solution that saves you time and money when it comes to sending and receiving faxes. Get started today.