The Ultimate All-in-One Solution

As a fully customizable, cloud-based solution, G12 Cloud PBX delivers the advantages of a powerful on-premise PBX without the upfront and long-term costs of purchasing, installing, and maintaining hardware. G12 Cloud PBX provides organizations of any size advanced communications capabilities traditionally found only at the enterprise level.

Advanced Capabilities

HD-quality voice, voicemail-to-email, multi-device presence, simultaneous ring, call forwarding, multi-tiered auto-attendants, call routing and queuing, voicemail, automated and custom greetings or messages, touchtone menus, call records, call recording, extension dialing, ring groups, group paging, auto attendant, conference suites, ACD queues, music on hold, call parking, dial-by-name directories, business-hours rules, and more

  • Unlimited U.S. and Canada calling (included in all packages), free access to U.S.-based support staff, HD audio between any two HD SIP phones, integration with unified-communications and other productivity applications, click-to-call from the G12 portal, mobile integration, and more
  • Web-based portal for simplifying service management at a user or system-wide level
Cloud PBX


  • Call Queues
    • Round robin, linear hunt, or ring all options.
  • Numbers
    • Toll-free, local, and international numbers.
  • Call Features
    • Record, screen, and park calls. Complete call logs and reports. Music on hold.
  • First or Last Name Dial Directories
    • Automated extension directories by name.
  • Custom Directories
    • Automated extension directories by filters.
  • Shared Line
    • One line, multiple devices.
  • Time of Day Routing
    • Route to different lines at different times of the day.
  • Do not Disturb
    • Send calls directly to voicemail.
  • Missed Call Notification
    • Receive call notifications on separate devices.
  • Message Alerts
    • Receive message alerts on different devices.
  • Forwarding
    • Forward always, when busy, when offline, or voicemail.
  • Full Call ID Control
    • See who is calling on the devices you use.
  • Presence
    • See if a partner or coworkers is on the phone.
  • Simultaneous Ring
    • Have one number ring on multiple phones when called.
  • Online Admin and User Portals
  • Call Center Apps
    • Distribute calls methodically to your team through an app.
  • Voicemail to Email
    • Receive your voicemails on your smartphone or PC via email.
  • Conferencing
    • Join multiple lines to quick and easy conference calls.
  • Directory Listing
    • Allow callers to reach any person on your team.
  • Paging
    • Page coworkers or others connected to the system.
  • Auto Attendant
    • Multi-level auto receptionists to greet and direct callers.
G12 Communications

G12 Cloud PBX also delivers enterprise-level reliability. Like other G12 services, Cloud PBX is built on an active-active Geo-Redundant network and includes Dynamic Failover. Active-active Geo-Redundancy allows all phones on the platform auto-register to two different POP locations. Dynamic Failover automatically detects any given outage and provides failover without the need for user or administrator intervention. Together, these features can help organizations ensure uptime of 99.999 percent or greater.

G12 Cloud PBX is offered at a fixed monthly rate, per seat or per user. For organizations based in the U.S. or Canada, that includes unlimited domestic long distance throughout both countries; for coverage specifics in other locations, contact G12 Sales at  1-877-311-8750 option 1.