Audio Conferencing

Crystal Clear Collaboration

G12 Audio Conferencing provides both toll-free and local-number audio conferencing so that organizations can provide conferencing access to employees, customers, and other users as needed. G12 Audio Conferencing also is designed to be easily accessible by users and easily managed by administrators and provides an array of advanced features:

  • Support for portal access and viewing, participant-name requests, arrival tones, departure tones, muting, participant viewing, and more
  • Custom conference-bridge greetings, ideal for branding
  • Custom toll-free numbers
  • Toll-free number assigned per bridge for secure use


Audio Conferencing

Always Reliable

Like other G12 services, G12 Audio Conferencing is built on an active-active Geo-Redundant network and includes Dynamic Failover. Active-active Geo-Redundancy allows G12 Audio Conferencing customers have access to two different POP locations. Dynamic Failover automatically detects any given outage and provides failover to a second data connection without the need for user or administrator intervention. Together, these features help ensure reliability and uptime of 99.999 percent or greater.

G12 Audio Conferencing provides both toll-free and local-number conferencing at a per minute rate or flat rate for local number usage. To learn more call G12 Sales at 1-877-311-8750 option 1.