Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS)

Create empowered customer interactions

CCaaS helps you create exceptional customer experiences through a powerful set of back-office tools that improve internal processes through automation and useful integrations with the platforms your company relies on.

Manage your customer interactions across all channels

Traditional customer service involves fragmented experiences that make it difficult for customers to connect with agents, find relevant information, or effectively use the services they were paying for. CCaaS solves these problems through an omnichannel approach that is more accessible, provides better visibility, and gives customers direct access to the support they need—when they need it.

Drive customer engagement
with access to the right tools

Improve customer interactions

G12 Communications CCaaS ties in enhanced customer interactions, knowledge, and processes to create a unified and consistent experience for your customers.

Business process automation

Enables your organization to automate workflows across the contact center, back office, and any part of your business so agents can focus on high-value interactions.

Scale as you grow

Stay in control of your costs with predictable pricing. The CCaaS model features a flexible pay-per-user model that adapts to your current and future needs.

Integrate with your platforms

Our CCaaS solution is compatible with popular B2B and B2C CRM solutions, including Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, HubSpot, ZenDesk, Zoho CRM, and more.

Positive customer experiences

Boost sales and improve customer satisfaction rates. Focus on your customers with features that allow you to personalize every aspect of your interactions.

Improve team productivity

Advanced bots and virtual agents, actionable insights, and automation of manual processes keep your employees engaged in meaningful tasks.

Easy integrations with your business process tools

Omnichannel customer engagement

Integrated CCaaS and UCaaS solutions

Single provider and support team for both CCaaS and UCaaS solutions

Why choose G12 Communications?

G12 Communications is a cloud communication service provider that helps businesses drive more value out of their communications solutions. Our customer-first approach, feature-rich solutions, and ultra-reliable network keep your employees and customers connected, productive, and collaborative.

Local customer service

Access 24/7, US-based customer support

Reliable service

99.999% uptime for our networks

Communications expertise

Decades of experience in B2B communications


Are you ready to unify all aspects of your CCaaS solution?

G12’s CCaaS platform gives you everything you need to improve productivity, offer the best support, and create a unified customer experience.