Contact Center Connect

Customer-centric PSTN connectivity for your contact center

Connect your contact center to the PSTN with G12’s ultra-reliable, cost-effective, and integration-friendly Contact Center Connect solution

What Is Contact Center Connect?

What is Contact Center Connect?

G12 Contact Center Connect service provides PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) connectivity to your contact center cloud application. There’s no need to pay for per-minute usage to your contact center provider for using their dial tone. Instead, work with G12 to normalize billing based on the capacity you actually need.

Contact Center Connect lets you leverage a fully customizable voice solution with geo-redundancy, multiple POPs, and on-demand scaling to support your business's growth, both now and in the future.

Are you overpaying for PSTN connectivity?

Effortless connectivity that can save you up to 60% on your contact center costs.

Why overpay for capacity and connectivity? Improve reliability and service, decrease wait times, and reduce costs by up to 60% with G12's Contact Center Connect service. We're armed with both the infrastructure and expertise to keep you connected and compatible with the leading cloud contact center solutions.

Ultra-reliable PSTN connectivity for contact centers

Custom tailored solution

Take an industry and organization-specific approach based on our deep understanding of PSTN infrastructure and contact centers.

Reduce your costs

Stop relying on expensive resellers that charge by the minute. Unlock new cost savings by working with a specialized vendor.

Geo-redundant points of presence

We have multiple POPs in North America and a 99.999% uptime guarantee. Effortlessly scale capacity up or down as-needed.

Leverage any platform

Use any leading enterprise CCaaS solution. Our full support and integrations get you connected as quickly as possible.

Secure, reliable connectivity

Safeguard sensitive data with TLS secure SIP Trunking. Easily manage auditing, call routing, and reporting.

Responsive customer support

We monitor your network for spikes and anomalies, notifying you when scaling is needed, so you can stay in control.

Reduce contact center costs by up to 60%

Automatically scale to meet demand

Multiple points of presence and built-In geo redundancy

Compatible with leading CCaaS solutions

Why choose G12 Communications?

G12 Communications is a cloud communication service provider that helps businesses drive more value out of their communications solutions. Our customer-first approach, feature-rich solutions, and ultra-reliable network keep your employees and customers connected, productive, and collaborative.

Local customer service

Access 24/7, US-based customer support

Reliable service

99.999% uptime for our networks

Communications expertise

Decades of experience in B2B communications


Are you looking for an enterprise-grade SIP trunking solution?

G12’s Contact Center Connect solution empowers modern communications with the reliability, scalability, and capabilities required by the enterprise. Get started today.

Contact Center Connect

Frequently asked questions

Are you interested in G12’s Contact Center Connect solution?

Seamless PSTN connectivity plays an important role in providing a customer-centric experience by ensuring your customers can reliably get in touch with a customer & technical support rep whenever they need to.

Most third-party solutions are not specialized in PSTN connectivity and often lack the necessary infrastructure. The default plans they provide are typically expensive, charge by the minute, and less reliable.

G12 offers its own CCaaS solution which integrates seamlessly with existing business tools and includes multiple features for management and omnichannel engagement. Contact Center Connect also supports integrations with other leading CCaaS solutions.

A virtual contact center not only costs less but can scale far more effectively than one that relies entirely on traditional landlines.