80% of Customers Already Use Texting for Business

Text Enable

Your Business

With most professionals already using SMS for business communication and over half of all customers preferring text messaging over alternatives, G12 enterprise text messaging provides you access to the most powerful communication tool on the market.

G12 Enterprise Text Messaging
G12 User Lists Text Messaging

Enterprise Text Messaging

Text enable your business with G12’s Enterprise Texting Service. Send and receive text (SMS/MMS) messages via your business numbers using our cloud-based, business texting platform.

G12 Enterprise Text Messaging
G12 Auto Response

Customize, Automate, Simplify

  • Accomplish more with less by enabling customers to call or text questions to the same business phone number.
  • Manage customer contacts for easy outreach and track conversations from a simple, easy to use browser-based interface.
  • Use automated response filters and keyword based redirection so that your customers are never left waiting and are always connected to the appropriate person.
  • Forward text messages to your email and other applications for easy access, consistent monitoring and management of all your texting activity without the need to manage another platform.
Keep Your Numbers

Using your existing phone numbers for both text and voice services – just like your personal cell phone. Enable multiple users or teams to manage each conversation on the same line for unlimited flexibility and convenience.

Private, Personal Use

Utilize business numbers across all your personal devices to ensure that work and private communication don’t mix. Keep your numbers private while minimizing the amount of devices you need to carry.

Mobile & Desktop

Manage unlimited conversations with ease while streamlining customer, sales, and management communication. Easily set auto-replies or use smart filtering to send incoming messages to the correct recipient automatically.

Complete Oversight

Easily manage large teams and gain complete access into team and customer interactions.

Nearly unlimited potential…

Enable texting across

your entire business

From internal team and management use to communicating with sales prospects and customers who need support, G12 Enterprise texting enables you to streamline communication across your entire company – inside and out.


Solve issues faster, multi-task with better efficiency, and manage larger workflows.


Streamline communication within and between your employees and locations


Drastically increase conversion and open/ read rates at every stage of your funnel

And So Much More…

From marketing & billing to mass outreach, G12 Text services enables you to do it all

A Simple, Full-Featured Dashboard

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Texting Dashboard
Data & Reports
Keyword Filtering
Summary View
Automated Messages
User Lists

Conversational Commerce

Enterprise Text-Messaging enables personal communication at scale. Start talking to you customers like a friend, not a corporation, for increased engagement, conversions, and successful interactions.

What You Get


Allow multiple staff members or teams (i.e. customer service and engineering) to monitor, manage, and respond from the same number


Reduce overhead costs and maximize operational efficiency across your entire business


Cloud-based, desktop interface to manage unlimited conversations and send or receive texts directly from your browser

Amazing Support

Enjoy G12's amazing customer support and engineering help anytime you need assistance


Enable auto-responses to answer any inquiry in real-time

Quick Start

Import all your existing contacts directly into your G12 platform


Forward incoming texts to your email or 3rd party application to minimize platform management


Manage your entire system from a single dashboard, accessible from any browser