Cloud PBX


The Ultimate All-in-One Business Solution

As a fully customizable, cloud-based solution, G12 Cloud PBX delivers the advantages of a powerful on-premise PBX without the upfront and long-term costs of purchasing, installing, and maintaining hardware. G12 Cloud PBX provides organizations of any size advanced communications capabilities traditionally found only at the enterprise level.

Cloud Business Phones
Years experience


Years experience
Certified integrations


Certified integrations
End user satisfaction


End user satisfaction
Global reach


Global reach
Service desk


Service desk

Our Mobility App transforms personal devices into full-featured business phones. Let’s get started

Built-in Redundancy

Enterprise-Level Reliability

Like all G12 services, Cloud PBX is built on an active-active Geo-Redundant network and includes Dynamic Failover. Active-active Geo-Redundancy allows all phones on the platform auto-register to two different POP locations. Dynamic Failover automatically detects any given outage and provides failover without the need for user or administrator intervention. Together, these features can help organizations ensure uptime of 99.999 percent or greater.

G12 PBX Features

Advanced enterprise features at a small business price

  • list

    Call Queues

    Round robin, linear hunt, or ring all options.

  • dial-number


    Toll-free, local, and international numbers.

  • feature

    Call Features

    Record, screen, and park calls. Complete call logs and reports. Music on hold.

  • phone-book

    First or Last Name Dial Directories

    Automated extension directories by name.

  • information

    Custom Directories

    Automated extension directories by filters.

  • split

    Shared Line

    One line, multiple devices.

  • clock

    Time of Day Routing

    Route to different lines at different times of the day.

  • dont-disturb

    Do not Disturb

    Send calls directly to voicemail.

  • missed-call

    Missed Call Notification

    Receive call notifications on separate devices.

  • alarm

    Message Alerts

    Receive message alerts on different devices.

  • fast-foward-arrows


    Forward always, when busy, when offline, or voicemail.

  • id-card

    Full Call ID Control

    See who is calling on the devices you use.

  • collaboration


    See if a partner or coworker is on the phone.

  • responsive-1

    Simultaneous Ring

    Have one number ring on multiple phones when called.

  • app-1

    Call Center Apps

    Distribute calls methodically to your team through an app.

  • smartphone-2

    Voicemail to Email

    Receive your voicemails on your smartphone or PC via email.

  • video-conference


    Join multiple lines for quick and easy conference calls.

  • phone-book-1

    Directory Listing

    Allow callers to reach any person on your team.

  • data


    Page coworkers or others connected to the system.

  • customer-service-1

    Auto Attendant

    Multi-level auto receptionists to greet and direct callers.

Why G12?

Big company resources, local business support

  • People

    We take immense pride in our team – from engineering to customer support, we hire the best talent we can find

  • Customer services

    We strive to provide an amazing customer service experience and take pride in our 100% local support team

  • Technology

    Our engineering team works magic – supplying you with the latest cutting-edge technologies and innovations

  • Quality

    We are committed to deliver outstanding communication services that add real value to your business.

  • Control Costs

    With no on-premise hardware installation or maintenance, you can reduce costs and instantly scale and update your services.

  • No Location Limitations

    Expand the reach of your business anywhere there’s cell service or WiFi for virtually limitless accessibility – the ultimate remote office.

  • Instantly Scale

    Add more seats to your organization with the click of a button to seamlessly integrate new members or even new offices.

  • Boost Productivity

    Keep your employees connected and working in any location – from airports, foreign countries, or the home office – while maintaining complete oversight.

  • Recruit Anywhere

    G12 Mobility is the office in your pocket – meaning you can recruit the best talent no matter where they’re located or want to work.

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