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Enhance Teams with G12 Cloud Integration

G12 Cloud for Microsoft Teams is a cloud-based PBX-to-PBX integration with Microsoft Phone Systems. This tight integration provides enterprise-grade telephony and global PSTN connectivity to businesses using Microsoft Teams as their collaboration interface.

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Years experience
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Certified integrations
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G12 + Teams Features

Greater flexibility and advanced capabilities

With Microsoft Teams at the center of the customer experience, users continue to enjoy the MS Teams efficiencies when making any call – whether the calls are to internal teammates, co-workers who don’t use Teams, customers, partners, and more.

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    Unified Oversight

    G12 Cloud centralizes the management of your organization’s entire user base, including employees using Microsoft Teams. Administrators are able to bulk sync Teams with G12 users to simplify moves, adds, and changes. G12 supports single sign-on capabilities, Teams users are automatically authenticated and logged in to their G12 Cloud Communications account when they log into Teams.

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    Ownership Costs

    Total cost of ownership is significantly reduced since G12 operates the infrastructure associated with connecting to your Microsoft Phone System tenant as one, unified communications system. The total cost of ownership using G12 is far less expensive than dedicated or shared managed service providers that also offer Direct Routing integrations with Microsoft Teams.

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    No Plugins Required

    G12’s direct routing integration eliminates plugins and bots. Throughout the Teams experience, users benefit from the exact same user interface when making calls – from the desktop, the mobile or the browser app. This eliminates the need for any special retraining of existing Teams users as well as any modification to on-boarding programs for new users.

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    Cloud Simplicity

    CIOs and IT managers no longer need to manage a telecom infrastructure on premise which typically requires infrastructure investments in SBCs and other equipment, networking services, and the retention of specialized resources to implement and manage on a day-to-day basis.

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Get more done – from anywhere!

The G12 cloud system provides a unique range of benefits

G12’s global infrastructure integrates directly with Microsoft’s Direct Routing interface – connecting a user on the Microsoft Phone System with local PSTN connectivity and global calling plans. Users will seamlessly make and receive calls in their preferred Teams interface with no other app to download, install or manage. Users centralize all their collaboration interactions – internal and external – in the Teams app. Deployed in the cloud, G12 removes key obstacles typically associated with implementing 3rd party communications solutions in conjunction with Microsoft Teams. For users who prefer to use a desk phone, G12’s integration enables Teams and a desk phone to operate both autonomously and together.

  • Control Costs

    Reduce the number of devices your business needs to purchase and maintain with apps that can be installed on personal devices.

  • No Location Limitations

    Expand the reach of your business anywhere there’s cell service or WiFi for virtually limitless accessibility – the ultimate remote office.

  • Instantly Scale

    Add more seats to your organization with the click of a button to seamlessly integrate new members or even new offices.

  • Boost Productivity

    Keep your employees connected and working in any location – from airports, foreign countries, or the home office – while maintaining complete oversight.

  • Recruit Anywhere

    G12 Mobility is the office in your pocket – meaning you can recruit the best talent no matter where they’re located or want to work.

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