Case study: transitioning 17 branches from legacy phone systems to the cloud

With offices across Europe, Australia, and the United States, International Car Wash Group (ICWG) is the world’s largest local car wash conglomerate. Employing over a thousand employees across 890 locations, the company washes over 35 million cars each year.  Committed in equal measure to sustainability and continuous improvement, ICWG is perpetually on the lookout for innovation opportunities in both its core line of business and its internal operations. 

This mindset allowed ICWG to recognize an issue that often goes unnoticed and unresolved in larger organizations. Owing as much to the organization’s scope as the frequency with which it participates in mergers and acquisitions, many of its operational sites worked in relative isolation. This consequently made tracking down critical information such as bills and numbers a considerable challenge.

ICWG knew that this needed to change. To scale and compete in the digital age, it needed to maintain communication, connectivity, and visibility across its entire ecosystem. Fortunately, the company already had a vendor in mind, courtesy of IT Director Jeff Perry — G12 Communications.

After working with G12 to develop a blueprint for onboarding new acquisitions, Jeff rolled out G12’s Connect to Teams Cloud PBX service. This gives a company full access to all the enhanced calling features of G12’s Cloud PBX without leaving the Microsoft Teams interface. More importantly, it does so without requiring enrollment in a calling plan or muddling with direct routing. 

In just the first day, ICWG was able to onboard eighteen sites, and is now well on its way to an organization-wide deployment. For Jeff, however, the software is only part of the equation.  It’s the level of support that truly defines ICWG’s relationship with G12. 

“I rate a company based on the support you get after the sale,” Jeff explains. ” If I have a problem, I simply just make a call to access a level of support that’s unmatched. G12 has been amazing at pinpointing what we needed — they worked with us to ensure we have the right solution and devices, and have gone above and beyond to ensure a seamless deployment experience.”

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