G12 Communications in 2021: big growth, same commitment to quality & service

Now that 2021 is officially over, I want to take this time to thank everyone for another great year. As we reflect back on the past year, I am amazed at how much our team has accomplished, from deploying new purpose-built solutions to ensuring that we continue to provide a quality service and the support […]

What is a VoIP PABX system? Key features

It’s essential that people make the best decisions when selecting their communications equipment, especially in the modern era of remote working and with the ever-growing reliance on technology to keep businesses connected and efficient. However, these decisions can be tricky since so many brands, providers, and styles are available to choose from. How is a […]

SIP calling: how it works & why it matters

Communication is the lifeblood of your business. You want to choose a system that helps you reach everyone on your team and those potential clients. When you select Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), you can move all of your existing PBX phone systems to the cloud using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Here is how SIP […]

PBX vs. VoIP: everything you need to know

Having a quality phone system is essential for running your business. However, what is right for your business when it comes to PBX vs. VoIP as an office phone system? In general, both options provide all of the features you’ll want from a business phone system. However, there are significant differences in initial expenses, maintenance […]

9 biggest mistakes IT makes when deploying a new phone system

  Communications are the lifeblood of any business. It’s the primary way your business connects and collaborates with customers, employees, and partners. With virtually all companies making the shift to digital, upgrading business communication systems has become essential. Legacy technology can’t support the needs of today’s digital world, which has led to emerging IT companies […]

What is Hosted VoIP? Features & benefits explained

Business communications are changing to adapt to the way we work with technology. Today we have new needs that didn’t exist on a mainstream level a decade ago. Even before a global pandemic forced the issue, more than 4 million workers worldwide were remote at least part of the time. Between video conferencing, connectivity, and […]

Build the best VoIP architecture for every network type

Video conferencing phone systems have become a staple in businesses across the world. And COVID-19 has only made them more essential. IT leaders are taking a second look at their phone systems. This article will take you through every step of building an architecture that works best for your company. However, upgrading your VoIP system […]

7 questions you need to answer before choosing a UCaaS platform & provider

Remote work has rapidly accelerated the transition to the modern workplace. For many companies, making this transition has come with its fair share of challenges. Things like maintaining a connected company culture, streamlining communications between your teams, and ensuring full employee visibility and collaboration in a remote work environment. And by now, you’ve likely been […]

What is a VoIP number? Here’s how it works

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) can make calls using a broadband internet connection. It operates the same way as a traditional phone, except you need a stable internet connection. Like all phones, you need a phone number. Phone numbers identify who is calling, where the call is coming from, and sometimes what device is making […]

Fixed & non-fixed VoIP: here’s what to know

Searching for a business phone service can be challenging. You will want to understand the difference between fixed VoIP and non-fixed VoIP numbers. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is an exciting new technology that can lower your communication costs as you connect with customers worldwide. There are many differences between these phone services. Here is […]