G12 Communications Announces Its Path to Teams Offering to Simplify Transitioning to Microsoft Teams


G12 Communications, a leading provider of unified communications and Microsoft Teams Phone solutions, is proud to announce its Path to Teams offering, a comprehensive service designed to simplify the process of transitioning to Microsoft Teams and the Microsoft Teams Phone System. With this offering, customers can enjoy a seamless and intuitive communications experience utilizing G12’s Cloud PBX service, adding Teams Integration, and when ready, move to the Microsoft Teams Phone System environment using G12’s Operator Connect Service or Direct Routing Service.

The Path to Teams offering includes a range of services that are tailored to each customer’s unique requirements. The company provides customized Cloud PBX design and deployment at no cost, as well as access to all G12 Path to Teams services, including SIP Trunking, Cloud PBX, Cloud PBX with Teams, Direct Routing as a service, and Operator Connect.  G12 provides all these services with no activation or transition fees throughout the term of the contract.  Customers can transition at their own pace to simplify the deployment process.  With Path to Teams, G12 will manage the customers phone numbers and quickly move numbers between services and platforms to provide a smooth coordinated transition, and exceptional user experience.


“At G12 Communications, we want to make the transition to Microsoft Teams simple and easy for the customer.,” said Rick Coma, CEO of G12 Communications. “Our Path to Teams offering is designed to remove the complexities of deploying the service and make it as smooth and seamless as possible with no disruption to the day-to-day operations of the business.”


G12 Communications provides a step-by-step process from basic SIP Trunking to Cloud PBX to full MS Teams phone system transition, managing number routing and transitions between Cloud PBX and the Operator Connect platform for Teams. As a certified Operator Connect provider, MS Teams numbers are managed in the G12 Teams Automation Platform and/or the Teams Tenant. The company also offers full design and setup for Embedded Teams and/or Integrated Teams at no additional cost.

Customers can transition users from Cloud PBX to Microsoft Phone System over time, and G12 Communications provides coordinated transitions and system training by organization. The company offers the ability to maintain backup users on the G12 platform for MS Teams failover, which can be utilized in the event of an MS Teams phone system outage.  One provider, one contract, multiple solutions with a singular goal of getting the organization into a native Teams environment when it’s right for them.


In the event of an outage, G12 Communications will automatically failover calls for customers to maintain continuity of service. The calls will automatically reroute from Microsoft Teams Operator Connect to the G12 Cloud PBX platform, ensuring that customers do not suffer any downtime.


“We are excited to announce our Path to Teams offering, which can help businesses streamline their operations and improve their bottom line,” said Rick Garcia, CRO. “This comprehensive service enables customers to move to the MS Teams phone system and manage the timing of the transition internally or utilize G12 Communications to provide full phone system management.”


About G12 Communications 

G12 Communications is a leading provider of unified communications and collaboration solutions that help businesses streamline their operations and improve productivity. The company’s Path to Teams offering includes a range of services, including customized UCaaS design and deployment, full design and setup for Embedded Teams and/or Integrated Teams at no additional cost, Direct Routing as a Service and Operator Connect.


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