G12 Communications brings PSTN connectivity to customers of major CCaaS providers


Contact Center Connect enables cost-effective inbound and outbound calling for call centers using cloud contact center solutions.


KIRKLAND, WASHINGTON — October 6, 2021 

G12 Communications, a leading provider of cloud-based communication services, announced the launch of its new Contact Center Connect, which brings reliable Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN) connectivity to enterprise contact center solutions, including industry-leading Contact-Center-as-a-Service (CCaaS) solutions.

Contact Center Connect is deployed over G12 Communication’s geo-redundant network and supports both inbound and outbound PSTN-enabled calling for a customer’s contact center platform. This service is essential for any company looking to maintain high-quality and reliable communications while reducing costs, enhancing security, and streamlining number porting. G12’s new service provides customers with greater control over their call capacity and numbers.

The company intends to leverage its new Contact Center Connect service to help companies and their contact centers overcome costly usage-based pricing, security risks, and scalability challenges through its decades of experience working with PSTN infrastructure.

“As a leading provider of cloud communication services, we understand not only the software platform and features, but also the underlying infrastructure required to connect to customers both reliably and securely,” said Rick Coma, CEO at G12 Communications. “PSTN connectivity is one of the most important components of a call center deployment, yet it’s often overlooked. G12 addresses this issue by specializing in contact center connectivity, providing superior service and on demand scalability to our clients in the process.”

“PSTN connectivity is often an afterthought when it comes to CCaaS,” said Rick Garcia, COO at G12 Communications. “Connectivity is our area of expertise. We do this everyday, delivering cost-effective, reliable, and TLS-secure trunking to our clients across a range of complex use cases and industries.”


About G12 Communications 

G12 Communications is a national leader in unified communication services. The company provides cost-effective communication services and solutions that aim to improve a company’s remote-readiness, productivity, and worker flexibility. The company offers a variety of communication services to SMBs and enterprises, including Cloud PBX, SIP Trunking, Cloud Contact Center as a Service, MS Teams Direct Routing, MS Teams Integrated Cloud PBX, MS Teams Integrated IP PBX, Cloud Faxing, Toll-Free Numbers, Softphones, and more.


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