G12 Communications: A Look Back and a Look Ahead

I would like to thank everyone for all your hard work and commitment in 2022. It takes a great team of individuals working together to have so much success. It’s not easy to succeed in a highly competitive technology industry, but everyone has stepped up and delivered, and it shows.

As 2022 draws to a close, I would like to take a moment to reflect on all that we have accomplished this past year, and where we are headed next.

We have achieved several major milestones in 2022, thanks to our teams’ commitment to delivering high-quality results, value, and performance that our customers have come to expect.  We also had another tremendous year of growth and achievements by innovating and expanding our portfolio to deliver next-generation cloud-based communication services, including the launch of G12 Operator Connect.

Let’s go over specific milestones and achievements in 2022 to look at what’s coming in 2023.


Improved network architecture

Cloud communications are the way of the future, yet IP-based traffic is much more demanding than traditional telephony traffic. We redesigned our entire network architecture to better support next-generation cloud services. 

This new architecture will support both our current services and future roadmap. It was designed to not only enhance performance but improve reliability and security.


100% uptime in our core IP network

We provided a 99.999% uptime guarantee and are proud to say we achieved a full 100% uptime rating throughout our core IP network in 2022. 

We didn’t have a single moment of downtime — a rare achievement in the telecommunications industry and one that speaks to our customer-centric mindset.


Deployed zero-trust architecture to enhance our security posture

Cybersecurity has been increasingly critical in recent years as cyber attacks have risen dramatically. As a result, we invested in enhancing the security posture of our network and internal systems by upgrading to zero-trust architecture.

Zero-trust architecture can be simplified by giving users access to only what they need and nothing more. Additionally, a user is continually authenticated when moving throughout our systems, and any usage oddities result in the user’s account being locked.

Our mission is always to keep our customers safe. They trust us to protect their personal data that they store with us and the communications data they send through our network. We deployed zero-trust to further protect you and your information against would-be intruders.


Accepted into Microsoft’s Operator Connect program 

Microsoft operator connect


We were accepted into Microsoft’s Operator Connect program. As an Operator Connect provider, we can utilize our next-generation network to bring PSTN connectivity to customers looking to deploy the Microsoft Teams phone system.

Only a handful of carriers have been accepted into the Operator Connect program. It is an incredible opportunity that will open up a new way to provide our customers with value. Additionally, becoming a certified Operator Connect Provider keeps us on the leading edge of technology, as Microsoft Teams has already become the dominant collaboration tool for businesses across the world.



Delivered automated & integrated services for Microsoft Teams 

We have also made significant progress in improving how PSTN services can be streamlined and delivered to customers looking to deploy a Microsoft Teams phone system. We made this possible by deploying a fully automated platform for managing all aspects of G12 Operator Connect.

For customers that aren’t ready to fully transition to the Microsoft Teams phone system, we designed a solution that integrates Microsoft Teams with our enterprise-grade cloud PBX system, which combines the same full-featured G12 Cloud PBX experience with the Microsoft Teams softphone and mobile application.


Continued to deliver high-quality and high-value to our customers with zero price increases

We will continue to deliver high quality and value to our customers. As a result, they can expect the same (or better) quality and value from our services, alongside improved security, and data protection.

Even with the increased investment in network infrastructure, enhanced security, new services, and increased inflationary pressures, we made it a point to not raise our prices. Customers selected G12 as their telecom provider and shouldn’t have to pay more because we have upgraded our services. Instead, we view it as continuing to earn our customer’s loyalty by striving to provide only the best.


Exceeded customer support, service deployment, and performance targets

We set quarterly metric targets for performance, customer support, and service deployments. In 2022, we met or exceeded every target we set. We would like to congratulate the entire team for making this possible.

Exceeding each of these important metrics demonstrates our commitment to providing customers with a high-quality service while also upgrading and future-proofing our infrastructure.


What’s next from G12 in 2023?

We can safely say that 2022 was a successful year for G12. So, what’s in store for us next year? Let’s take a glance at our 2023 roadmap:

  • Complete a significant infrastructure upgrade and continue to deliver next-generation services across a resilient geo-redundant backbone infrastructure
  • Continue to streamline all of our processes and enhance our customer’s experience
  • Build, deploy, and support self-provisioning and automation tools and capabilities for our customers
  • Expand mobility features as we complete our fully integrated mobile application
  • Enhance our tech stack to provide enhanced customer support tools and capabilities
  • Continue to onboard and support customers with a team of experts trained to provide personalized customer support
  • Innovate and deliver the services our customers need to streamline their business, improve productivity, and reduce costs


We have complete confidence in our ability to reach each of these milestones. G12 has a fantastic team ready to take on the next challenge.

I want to thank everyone at G12 for their commitment to our customers. You have all focused on designing, building, and growing one of the best tech companies in the industry. You have the drive, passion, and focus for customer satisfaction that propels us forward.

Everyone should be happy with what you have accomplished in 2022. I’m excited to keep advancing our services and our industry in 2023. In the meantime, have a great holiday season with your family and friends.



Rick Coma


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