Digital Transformations
for Education

Meet modern education’s needs head on with fully-customizable
communication solutions that prioritize staff and student experiences.

Digital education requires schools to do more with less

Education is at a crossroads as it navigates the complex digital world. Existing IT infrastructure is struggling to keep up with the shift to remote learning, interactive lessons, and complex communications solutions. You can’t afford to let the technology you rely on impact the student learning experience. But how can you overcome these challenges?

Education institutions are looking for new ways to:

  • Develop and pursue a cloud-first transition plan
  • Better understand the wide array of solutions available to them
  • Ensure scalability as their needs grow
  • Achieve 100% service reliability
  • Overcome integration challenges as they digitally transform
  • Stay compliant with strict industry regulations
  • Stay within the limited budgets available

We help modern education embrace the shift to digital

Discover & Implement Right-fit Solutions

We help you identify your biggest challenges and design and implement solutions that prioritize communication, learning, and connectivity.

Cut Costs & Maximize Existing IT Investments

Drive more value out of your budgets by leveraging existing IT investments. We can modernize your legacy PBX systems or transition you to a cloud-first approach.

Create Integrated Systems That Work

Our engineers ensure your systems are properly configured and integrated, so essential data can flow seamlessly between the systems you rely on.

Reliable Service & On-demand Scale

Stay ahead of change with digital communication solutions that offer 99.9999% reliability, on-demand scale, and access to 24/7, US-based support.

Most Popular Services for Education Institutions

G12 Communications knows how complex digital education is becoming.
We offer a variety of customizable cloud communications services that help you achieve your outcomes.

What Our Clients Say

“I highly recommend the excellent SIP service offered by G12 Communications. We’ve been a SIP trunking customer of G12 for 6+ years now, and compared to competitors, G12 consistently outperforms on all levels. G12 communications offers customers technical support that is responsive and interested in resolving issues. G12 alerts have helped detect toll fraud, highlight service-based issues, and maintain a record 99.999% uptime. Without hesitation, I would recommend G12’s service to any organization considering a transition to SIP.”

Josh Gross, Senior Voice Engineer at Ednetics

We build customized solutions for businesses of all sizes

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Cisco Certification

Service Providers today, such as G12 Communications, are offering alternative methods to connect to the PSTN via their IP networks. Most of these services utilize SIP as the primary signaling method and centralized IP to TDM POP gateways to provide on-net and off-net services.

HIPAA Compliant

HIPAA Compliant Systems

Compliancy Group Verifies G12 Communications Ability to Deliver Services to Health Care Organizations While Protecting Patient Data.

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Avaya Certification

Carefully chosen for their innovation and ingenuity, Avaya's amazing partners add the perfect elements and expertise to complete the solutions that let organizations deliver experiences that matter.

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