G12 Communications in 2021: big growth, same commitment to quality & service

Now that 2021 is officially over, I want to take this time to thank everyone for another great year. As we reflect back on the past year, I am amazed at how much our team has accomplished, from deploying new purpose-built solutions to ensuring that we continue to provide a quality service and the support our customers expect. 

This has been a challenging year with the pandemic and continued economic uncertainty, but our team has stayed focused and successfully delivered on our goals and objectives. Without everyone working together as a team, we would never achieve this level of success.

I am very optimistic about 2022 and what the future holds. We now find ourselves at the beginning of a significant change in the way businesses operate—something we see as a significant opportunity.

As more companies transition to digital work environments and move services to the cloud, it creates a tremendous opportunity for us to continue to support our customers, expand our services, and help to accelerate this change.

G12 prides itself on being a customer-first organization, which is why we continue to build a strong team, invest in new infrastructure, deploy new services, and execute a strategy to help our customers successfully transform the way they do business.

We have built a great company with a quality team of employees that understand what it takes to deliver best-in-class service and support to our customers. Let’s take this time to look back at 2021 and reflect on all of our achievements.


A Strong Year of Growth

G12 Communications experienced significant growth across the business, from double-digit revenue growth to a 35% growth in the size of our team.

But more importantly, we realigned our organization to ensure each and every one of our services and solutions continue to meet the needs of our customers. This also included significantly expanding our customer service team.

We also welcomed our new Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Brandon Bradley, to the company. His experience is driving the technology vision for G12 as we work to accelerate innovation and solution capabilities.


New Service Deployments

Our focus has always been on creating purpose-built solutions based on the needs of our customers. When we saw the need for a more integrated contact center solution in the market, we quickly deployed a series of new services to address these needs.

In 2021, we officially deployed our New Omni-Channel Contact Center (CCaaS) Service to provide companies with a robust solution capable of keeping up with evolving customer service trends, technologies, and processes.

We also launched Contact Center Connect to provide seamless, reliable, and scalable PSTN connectivity to contact centers. This solution gave contact centers the best of both worlds, giving them access to G12’s unparalleled quality of service and cost savings.


Continued Sales & Marketing Success

All of our sales and marketing initiatives led to double-digit revenue growth and even stronger relationships with our customers. We added a significant number of customers across several vertical markets, including banking, financial, healthcareeducation, and technology. 

From a sale’s perspective, G12 added two new master agents, organized and held several agent events, deployed a new agent portal, and hosted several webinars.

Marketing successfully updated and enhanced our website, completed a branding refresh, and continues to build and support our channel sales strategy with the marketing collateral needed to drive new sales opportunities.


Same Unwavering Commitment to Customer Service

We owe a large part of our success to our talented customer service teams, which is why our customer support team doubled in size in 2021.

The widespread adoption of cloud communication services, collaboration tools, and voice connectivity saw our teams process thousands of customer support requests. We also saw continual improvement on first reply times, customer wait times, and full-resolution times.

The end result? We achieved an impressive 96% customer satisfaction rating and countless impactful client testimonials from SMBs to our larger enterprise customers.


Operational Growth & Expanded Service Delivery

Cloud communications technology is complex by nature. However, thanks to our solution delivery teams, we successfully deployed several large multi-site deals with hundreds of end-user locations, provisioned hundreds of new unique customers, added thousands of new end-users, and ported thousands of new numbers.

Other major highlights included successfully deploying our new omnichannel CCaaS service with integrated UCaaS, continual improvement and provisioning for our Connect to Teams solutions, and an overall increase in process and operational efficiency.


Innovation Through Engineering & Technology 

Achieving success in the competitive cloud communications space requires the perfect combination of proven technology and innovation.

Our talented engineering teams went above and beyond in 2021, delivering countless services through our highly reliable network with no major customer-impacting events. They deployed several upgrades across our application servers, upgraded hardware in our Seattle, Dallas, and DC POPs, and enhanced our integration with Microsoft Teams.

Our engineers also significantly improved the overall architectural design of our network. This included upgrading and enhancing the performance of our monitoring systems, improving overall network and system security, and optimizing the international monitoring process and capabilities needed for increased network and customer security.


Finance, HR, & Compliance

G12 continues to be a great place to work within the cloud communications and telecom industry.

Our accounting department ensured we benefited from a seamless billing process throughout the year, maintained tight financial controls and accurate month-end close processes.


Looking Forward to 2022 & Beyond

There’s no denying this is an impressive list of accomplishments from such a dedicated group of professionals. I am so proud of everyone on the team.

Congratulations to everyone, and I am excited to see what the new year will bring.


Happy New Year,

Rick Coma, CEO


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